The Funding & tenders Portal for beginners

Ein neues Portal soll den Zugang zu EU-Fördergeldern vereinfachen. Das Webinar ist zum Nachsehen als Video verfügbar:

Webinar: The Funding & Tenders Portal for beginners
27.05.2021 | 10.00 - 12.30 | YouTube Live-Stream


The Funding & Tenders Portal (F&TP) is the single gateway for participants in many EU funding programmes. It is also where EACEA’s calls for proposals and calls for tenders are published.

The webinar will explain and demonstrate how to search for funding opportunities and partners, register your organisation, submit proposals, manage your profile, explore funded projects and statistics, and many more features of the Funding & Tenders Portal (F&TP). The webinar is addressed primarily to potential new users of the F&TP.


1. Introduction
2. What does this portal offer?
 2. 1. Basic navigation
 2. 2. I look for EU funding – is there anything in for me?
 2. 3. I want to register my organisation
 2. 4. I want to submit a proposal for a grant or procurement contract
 2. 5. I want to see the EU projects funded (in my area of interest, my country or region...)
 2. 6. I want to exploit results of EU funded projects
 2. 7. I want to become an expert evaluator/monitor
 2. 8. Should I create my person profile on this portal?
 2. 9. How can I acquire access rights to proposals, projects, organisation data...?
 2.10.How do I manage notifications and tasks?
 2.11.How can I manage my user account?
 2.12.I need help
3. Q&As

You do not need to sign up in advance for the webinar, as access will be via YouTube Live-Stream.


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